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  • Phone: 02-6390-6161
  • Fax: 02-6390-6162
  • Address: 33 Gwacheon-daero 7-gil #B-1402, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


    By sending Nanophilia an inquiry, you agree that Nanophilia may retain the information you provided in Nanophilia archive, that if you are the caregiver and are providing this information on behalf of someone else, that you have the appropriate authorization and/or consent to do so, that Nanophilia may use this information to contact your (or in the case of a caregiver, the patient’s) healthcare provider, and Nanophilia may disclose or use the information that you provide to communicate with you, including marketing communications. Your information will not be disclosed or used for other purposes consistent with Personal Information Protection Act of Korea. Please check the website for additional details.